Professional Development

Customized Group Training

English Language Arts & Literacy

  • Building students’ reading & writing endurance
  • The three types of writing: what, when, how?
  • Building students’ vocabulary for comprehension


  • Focusing on critical standards
  • Fluency is more than facts
  • How to engage students in math discourse

Science & Social Studies

  • Engaging centers for multi-dimensional standards
  • Science & social studies standards
  • Focus on science disciplinary core ideas


  • Best practices for improving scores


  • Analyzing and utilizing student data
  • Organizing a data room to drive instruction
  • Assessment Blueprint Training


  • The principal advantage
  • Resiliency in school leaders
  • School resource management
  • Instructional supervision


  • Managing the 21st Century Classroom
  • Effective professional learning communities
  • Effective Interventions for MTSS:  Academic & Behavioral