Errick L. Greene, Ed.D, Superintendent, Jackson Public School District

“The Jackson Public School District is currently partnering with the Bailey Education Group to provide instructional coaching and support to our most struggling schools in Reading and English Language Arts. We are a school district with approximately 23,000 students and a poverty rate which exceeds most districts nationwide. As the only true urban school setting in Mississippi, we have different and specific student needs. We are partnering with The Bailey Group because they have shown the capacity to deliver large-scale targeted support for school leaders, instructional coaches and teachers, which has led to impressive student gains. Their commitment to improving student achievement and caring deeply for children is undeniable.”

Corey Uselton, Superintendent, DeSoto County School District

“DeSoto County Schools are currently partnering with the Bailey Education Group to provide instructional support for schools that need remedial support in Reading, Math, Science, and Social Studies, as well as leadership development support for our school administrators. As the largest school district in Mississippi, with a student population of over 35,000, we are partnering with The Bailey Group because they not only have the capacity to deliver support for our teachers and administrators, but they are also committed to the needs of our students that need additional assistance. Their commitment to providing a high-quality, student-centered support service is evident in their work, and the positive outcomes we have experienced.”

Inita Owen, Superintendent, Stone County School District

“The Stone County School District considers Bailey Education Group to be a huge asset!  With their professional assistance, we were able to put a plan in place to address targeted areas.  The excellent personnel that they brought in made it an easy sell to our teachers and staff.  Each and every coach had superior content knowledge and the ability to work hand in hand with our teachers to make great academic strides.  We look forward to continuing the relationship that we have built with The Bailey Group.”

Penny Westfaul, Curriculum Director, Jackson County School District

“Jackson County has had a long-term partnership with Bailey Education and this relationship has played a significant role in our district increasing to an A status.  The Bailey Coaches are always professional and provide our teachers with high quality resources that increase their instructional capacity.”

Christine Mosley, Director of ELA Curricula, Hancock County

“With the help of ELA and math experts from Bailey Education Group, the Hancock County School District moved from good to great in 2019 by earning an A rating!  Standards-based coaching and targeted professional development helped us take teaching and learning to the next level!”

Dr. Jennifer Weeks, Assistant Superintendent, DeSoto County School District

“Bailey Education Group’s Leadership Academy is a critical component of our administrative professional development plan. This training covers a wide range of important topics, including school management, instructional leadership, ethical decision making, leading in the face of poverty, school improvement strategies, and so much more. The training is organized and delivered with a focus on the specific needs of our administrators and is tailored to each cohort’s strengths and weaknesses. Throughout the six day-long sessions, the Bailey Education Group provides not only standard-driven leadership training, but also practical, day-to-day guidance for issues our administrators are currently experiencing.”

Dr. Michelle Bivens, Superintendent, Pontotoc City School District

“Professional learning is an important part of being a thriving school and district. We carefully select our professional development providers based on many factors including expertise of providers and a track record of success. Most importantly, we select organizations that will partner with us to improve outcomes for our students and staff. Bailey Education does fit all those criteria. They work with our administrators and staff to improve leadership at the district, school, and classroom levels. They are responsive to our needs and provide training and tools that fit our mission and district goals. The partnership with Bailey has benefited Pontotoc City School District in many ways, the greatest of which is the resource they are when we begin a new initiative. We know they are never more than a phone call or email away when we have questions or need assistance. They have worked tirelessly to earn and maintain our trust and continue to help us grow as individual educators and as a district.  Of the many professional development companies available, Bailey Education is our most frequent choice. With Bailey, we are not just getting presenters or professional development, but a group of experienced professional educators who put the needs of our staff and students ahead of anything else. We never feel like we are customers. They have worked diligently to build a solid relationship with Pontotoc City School District that feels like a partnership in our growth and success.”

Dr. Terry Harbin, Principal, Itawamba County School District

“The Bailey Group has been instrumental in helping teachers and administrators at Itawamba Attendance Center reach our targeted goals.  We have established positive working relationships with Bailey consultants, and it has helped Itawamba Attendance Center students master their individual goals.”

Daphne Heflin, Principal, Sunflower County Consolidated School District

“Partnering with Bailey Education was a great step for Lockard Elementary School. At the onset of our partnership, Bailey team members asked, “What’s needed?” Throughout our partnership we revisited the question regularly; our collaborative cycle was to communicate about a need, address it, then communicate about and address other needs as they manifested themselves through data. The collaborative cycle was important because at Lockard we worked toward a vision and wanted to meet goals and only by meeting needs would we succeed. The Bailey team asked questions, provided information, responded quickly to needs and remained focused on our decisions about who to support and how. The Bailey team exhibited a true desire to help, and Bailey team members became Lockard team members whenever they stepped foot on our campus.”

Vanessa Boyd, Principal, Walthall County School District

“I really can’t express in words how beneficial Bailey Education Group has been for Salem Attendance Center.  Their staff are always available for us day and night and goes above and beyond to answer questions, help me figure out data, and even work on my daily schedules to help better benefit our teachers and students.  The consultants placed at my school have been instrumental in growing our students and helping us rise from a D to a B for the 2018-2019 school year.  I great appreciate all that Bailey Educational Group has done for us!! Thank you!!”

Rev. Jesse King, Superintendent, Leland School District

The educational partnership between the Leland School District and the Bailey Team is yielding great educational opportunities for students and teachers throughout the district. The Leland School District is continuing the partnership as the district moves forward with the vision with the help of Bailey.

Victoria Johnson, Executive Director of Secondary Schools, Canton Public School District

“Last school year, Canton Public School District partnered with The Bailey Group to provide boot camp-style tutorials in ELA and mathematics to targeted groups of our middle school students. We are convinced that these sessions had a direct, positive impact on the growth shown at both schools.”

Tabitha McCrory, Principal, Winona-Montgomery Consolidated School DIstrict

“Winona Elementary School has worked with Bailey Group for two years. ELA Professional Learning Communities, In-Service Training, and Saturday Teacher Academies have been led by the Bailey Group. “Winona Elementary School feels confident about the personalization for professional development that The Bailey Group provided during the 2018-2019 school year and is continuing the partnership with The Bailey Group during the 2019-2020 year.”

Marsha Webb, Principal, Franklin County School District

“When our school district was in the process of preparing to teach “Common Core” standards, I sought a company that would assist us in rising to the task.  We found a solution in working with The Bailey Group.  Bailey Group has challenged and encouraged Franklin Lower Elementary to stretch beyond what we originally thought we could perform.  They have continued during the change to College and Career Standards to help us to examine data, pacing guides, lessons, and activities to ensure we are on track for success.”

Dr. Bradley Brumfield, Assistant Superintendent, Walthall County School District

“Walthall County School District has partnered with Bailey Education Group for many years now, and one thing we find as valuable as the coaching is the value-added support and materials that they provide to a small district like ours. The relationship formed between our teams is invaluable. Knowing that you have someone you can trust to help when needed, whether through sound advice or as a sounding board, really speaks to the mutual depth and value of the partnership we have with them.”

Bill Brand, Superintendent, North Tippah School District

“I have partnered with the Bailey Education Group both as a principal and a Superintendent.  Their head coaches, teacher coaches, special education coaches, and data coaches provide models for teaching to support school and growth goals.  Through the ongoing partnership, my school and district experienced a tremendous increase in both proficiency and growth.  Teachers developed a “growth mind set” concerning curriculum planning and preparation.  These changes are evident and have yielded sustainable change in our leadership, teachers, and students.”

Debbie Harmon, Curriculum Coordinator, Houston School District

“The thing I loved about working with Bailey’s EL team is the expertise they immediately brought to our EL program. In one year, we went from having an EL program where students weren’t meeting growth to one of the best EL growth to proficiency rates in the state! Working together as a team, we were able to really strengthen our practices. Our teachers and administrators are more confident in serving English learners now and our English learner growth is something we are very proud of!”

Dylan Jones, District Data Specialist, Sunflower County Consolidated School District

“The best part about our relationship with Bailey and the EL team is the relationship and the out-of-the-box approach we were able to take. We presented the EL team with our challenges and worked together to come up with an amazing solution. I also appreciated how available the team was. They were always available to talk through questions and they were flexible in meeting our needs. The interventions they provided to our students were innovative and lead to us being among the top 20 EL scores in the state. We are very proud of that.”

Adam Stone, Principal, Stone County School District

“Bailey Education Group has been a great asset to Stone High School. They have helped us improve in many facets of the educational process. Our Bailey coaches have become a part of our school family and have embodied the Tomcat Spirit!”

Edwin A. Smith, Principal, South Delta School District

“We partnered with the Bailey Educational Group for the three years I’ve been principal at South Delta High School within the South Delta School District where Mr. Sammy Ivy is our Superintendent, and in that time period, our overall growth and low quartile growth have increased. In addition to that, our Algebra I scores have skyrocketed. Our work with the Bailey Educational Group changed the conversations about instruction and learning in our building in meaningful ways and gave me insight in conducting true data talk and deep dive into instructional practices in a more concise manner. Building teacher capacity is vital and necessary for systemic change; therefore, it is imperative that we support and strengthen our teaching staff. The Bailey Educational Group focused on building teacher capacity and how that affects student achievement. They really helped to push our school’s vision and develop a culture of academic excellence.”

Lecia Stubblefield, Director of Professional & Support Services, New Albany Public School District

We are extremely thankful for our partnership with Bailey Education. What sets them apart is their expertise in all curricular areas and their ability to build a team that ensures a seamless process of pacing, standards-based instruction, formative assessment, and data analysis.  Adding Dr. Henderson and the EL personnel to our team to focus on our English Learner instruction was the piece that completed our puzzle.

Lance Evans, Superintendent, New Albany Public School District

“New Albany Schools has partnered with Bailey Education for the past two years.  Bailey Educational Group has provided high quality instructional coaching for all grades K-12 as well as our EL population.  Hard work on the part of our teachers and administrators coupled with the high-quality coaching and support from Bailey Education has yielded substantial increases in student achievement levels.”

Kelli Speed, Federal Programs Director, Meridian Public Schools

The members of the EL team at Bailey are true experts in the field. They understand English learners at the national, state and local levels. And what I especially appreciate is they understand our specific EL population and how to effectively help them grow on LAS Links. They truly became a part of our team. We are very proud of the success we achieved together for children.

Richelle Ratcliff, Assistant Superintendent, Lincoln County School District

Our partnership with Bailey Education Group has been instrumental in helping our District improve its academic performance and instructional strategies.  Their teacher coaching methods and vast array of instructional resources have helped our district improve student achievement and increase our performance classification in just one year.

Babette Duty, Assistant Superintendent, Covington County School District

In school year 18-19, Bailey Education Group partnered with the CCSD to work with teachers in a coaching role to improve student achievement.  I believe the single most important part of Bailey’s work for our teachers was the feedback.  Bailey used feedback as a process rather than an outcome.  Because the work reports were timely and specific to each classroom’s needs, teachers new quickly where the holes were in instruction and what the strategy was to plug those holes.  The end result was all of our schools grew students, with all but one school moving up at least one level on the accountability model.