Angie Quinn, Director of Instruction, Pontotoc City School District

Yesterday was an even greater day than usual to be a Warrior in the Pontotoc City School District, with A ratings for the district, the elementary, and the junior high. Your intensive work with us last year at D.T. Cox, with visits to all of our schools and critical (essential) feedback to both teachers and administrators, has been a relationship we know to be important to our success. The guidance you offered, resources you left, and thoughts you provoked changed the performance of our students and our teachers.  For that we are ever grateful you’re a part of the tribe!

Suzanne Hawley, Superintendent, Quitman School District

Their staff has shown a great deal of professionalism in their dealings with our faculty and their efforts have led to an improvement in the delivery of instruction in our classrooms. Read more.

Dr. Crystal Haynes, Principal, Jefferson Davis County School

The services provided by Bailey’s coaches have been invaluable. The teachers buy-in to being data informed is because of the data coaching.

William Murphy, Principal, Indianola School District

I have had the pleasure of firsthand experience of how dedicated and thorough this group is with their work. They are of the utmost professional quality and, above all, are committed to doing what is best for children. Read More.

Charlene Key, ELA Curriculum Coordinator, Pontotoc County School District

Without hesitation, I would recommend Bailey Education group to other educators and school districts. Primarily because of the relationship the company’s Data Coach has established with our teachers and other administrators. Our staff has developed a trust with Bailey Ed, especially in the arena of data and statistics, on how to be a better instructor and what needs to be done to improve student achievement and growth. We have found the Bailey Ed Company to be honest, truthful, doesn’t back down from a challenge, and works to get, keep, and communicate the tools that will benefit our teachers and administrators. We plan on having a continuing relationship with them in the future.

Bill Brand, Principal, Webster County School District

We have continued to work with the Bailey Group this school year (2013-2014) not only in our tested grades but, in our K-2 classrooms giving us an additional resource to satisfy the new Common Core State Standards. With their help, we have updated our pacing guides and I Can statements to assist our teacher’s ability to focus, as it relates to the depth of the CCSS. We look forward to illustrating more growth moving forward. Continuing our partnership with the Bailey Group is one significant key to improvement, as we aspire to build capacity in our school.

Allen Ray Dyess, Principal, Walthall County School District

Bailey Education Group began working on our campus with teachers in late spring 2012-2013. The Bailey teacher coaches worked with each of my tested grade levels to reinforce instruction already provided in the classroom, model effective whole group and small group lessons, and work with individual students to close gaps identified by data. Although this was a short period of time, we were able to show growth in all grade levels 4-8 in ELA and Math, as well as in my 9-12 SATP areas giving us an 11 point increase in QDI (moving our school up a level in the state model). In addition, the Bailey Group teacher coaches also provided support to my staff for linking student and school related data to the planning and the delivery of quality instruction. By using research based data regarding small group instruction, our teachers were able to focus the essential data routinely; and provide a more positive learning environment and maximize growth.

Donna Scott, Principal, Hattiesburg School District

Hawkins Elementary School was one of six schools in the state named a Gold Ribbon School by the Mississippi Department of Education for its efforts to rapidly improve student performance. One of the main things that our Data Coach from Bailey Education Group did was to guide us as we looked at the data. Our data coach helped teachers calculate class QDI as well as the school’s QDI. We found a correlation between our QDI from MAP and our MCT2 QDI. They were also able to guide teachers in looking at specific students and how moving those particular students (we call them bubble students) could totally change the QDI of the class. Utilizing the MAP results has played a major role in the school’s turnaround. Students understand their scores, set goals, and work to achieve the goal. Along with the rise in the QDI, the state growth status was also met. The school’s NCLB Annual Measurable Objective (AMO) was met in both reading/language arts and mathematics. The Differentiated Accountability Performance rating was “High Progress Reward.” The Differentiated Accountability lablel was “Focus School.”

Stephanie Gruich, Principal St. Martin Middle School, Jackson County School District

As a result of the Bailey Group efforts, our teachers are more informed and proactive in their efforts to implement Common Core. The Bailey coaches have helped us understand the depth of the standards and how to best teach to the level of understanding needed to grow students.

Barry Goolsby, Principal, Benton County School District

What Bailey Education Group does is provide my teachers with a teacher. Someone who in a nonthreatening way can help them improve. Someone that will share strategies with them, and someone that they can call or email when they have questions or want to bounce ideas around.

Lisa Williamson, Principal, Pontotoc County School District

The Bailey Education Group has made a positive impact in our elementary school. Working with a data coach to disaggregate the test data on standardized tests and progress monitoring assessments has enabled our teachers to target specific and critical areas of instruction. I have worked with them as an instructor in a tested area and have had the privilege as an administrator to consult with them to offer our teachers research based strategies to improve student achievement. I have recommended BEG in the past and will continue to give them high accolades as a consulting firm.

Janet Sherrod, Principal MLK Elementary School, Tuscaloosa City School District

The Bailey Educational Group has worked with the faculty of Martin Luther King, Jr. Elementary for two years. During this time they offered valuable educational strategies to us. They have become members of our faculty, as they offer assistance in all areas, without prompting. There is not a job too big or too small for them. This educational group has been an asset to our faculty and students as they have been an integral part of us going from GOOD to GREAT!

Dr. Angie Brock-Roop, Assistant Superintendent, Senatobia School District

The Bailey Education Group has worked with the Senatobia Municipal School District for the past three years providing professional consulting services related to the Common Core State Standards. We could not be more pleased with this partnership and the effectiveness in which they have served our teachers and principals. Our consultants have been consistent, reliable, and knowledgeable as we have fully implemented our new standards. Without a doubt, we look forward to a continued partnership as we continue to grow our teachers!

Penny Westfaul, Curriculum Director, Jackson County School District

We have utilized the coaching services of Bailey Education Group since 2010 in the areas of English/Language Arts and Math (K-12) and Science and History (6-10) and it has made a significant impact on our success. Out test scores have improved each year of receiving their services. More than ever, it is crucial to draw upon the cutting edge knowledge of Bailey Group Consultants as we prepare for CCSS testing. It is our belief that having Bailey Education Group consultants work closely with our teachers and principals this year will once again have a positive impact on the achievement level of our schools.

Sametra D. Chisolm, Principal, Jefferson Davis School District

Yes, I would recommend BEG’s services because it has been invaluable to me as an administrator to get the training and support that I have needed to move this school forward. My staff has benefited from Bailey’s expertise by becoming more data savvy in the last four years. My teachers are now able to take the data and use it effectively to make sound instructional decisions.

Todd Swinney, Principal, Prentiss County Schools

Bailey has always provided us with quality instructors. I honestly believe our students, as well as our teachers have benefited from the times Bailey Group have visited our classrooms.