Sue Anne Boatman, NCC, NCSC, Director of Federal Programs, Curriculum & Student Assessment, Webster County School District

“After returning to school amidst the COVID Pandemic, our focus shifted with collaboration of our instructional coaches from a data-driven focus to a student-centered coaching through modeling and guidance with delivery of instruction. Having a partnership with Bailey Education Group through Instructional Coaching, not only provides guidance in pacing and goal setting for our teachers, but the ongoing response and support to each teacher’s individual needs is phenomenal. The Bailey Instructional coaches not only help our teachers pace all standards, they provide an understanding on how to actually deliver them. I recall just this school year, ELA Instructional Coach, CC Bradberry, spends most of her time in the trenches with our teachers either observing the lesson or actually modeling the delivery of the standard through instruction. This hands on support allows the teacher to have support throughout the entire learning process. Webster County expects overwhelming success from this support during this extraordinary year of uncertainty.”