English Language Arts – Literacy

Lynsey Black

Lynsey Black is a former middle school English teacher, lead teacher, and literacy coach. Currently she is a Reading and Writing Instructional Coach with Bailey Educational Group. She focuses on training, modeling and co-teaching effective implementation of the ELA MS College and Career Readiness. As a coach, she focuses on student-centered instruction and achievement. She ensures that coaching is centered on student data to ensure growth and achievement on the Mississippi Academic Assessment Program (MAAP) for grades 3-10. She helps implement effective practices for student success. Lynsey coaches and serves in districts across Mississippi.

Catherine Bradberry

CC Bradberry is a former middle, high school, and college level English Language Arts Teacher. With over ten years of classroom experience, CC has been working with Bailey Education Group, LLC for the past two school years. She holds a Bachelor of Arts in both English and Southern Studies from The University of Mississippi, and she has a Master of Education degree in English Education from William Carey University. CC is an English Language Arts Teacher Coach for Bailey Education Group, and she works in all aspects of coaching in the ELA Classroom, such as Google Classroom, Data and Curriculum Coaching, and Engagement Strategies. CC has worked to help create BEG English Language Arts Curriculum Resources, such as Curriculum Resource Binders, Units of Instruction, Cold Reads and Cold Writes, and sample test items. She coaches teachers statewide in using data to drive meaningful instruction to engage and grow Mississippi’s students.

Bobbi Burdett

Bobbi’s areas of expertise in coaching for Bailey are ELA Coaching and Leadership Coaching.  Curriculum Development Projects include Developed Reading Fluency Plans K-4th grade; Developed differentiated K-5th grade ELA lessons aligned with priority standards; Developed lessons; Developed writing prompts aligned with core reading basal anchor texts 1st and 2nd grades for a complete year.  She has degrees and credentials in AA Southwest MS Community College, BA Southeastern Louisiana University, MEd in School Psychometry from Mississippi College, MEd in School Guidance and Counseling from Mississippi College, MAPQSL MDE Administrator Licensure, National Board Certifications – National Certified School Counselor; National Certified Counselor and MDE License Endorsements: 116, 117, 171, 192, 213, 314, 436, and 486.

Nicole Cooley

Nicole is a former middle and high school English teacher, lead teacher, and curriculum team leader. Currently, she is an ELA Team Lead and Senior Reading and Writing Instructional Coach with Bailey Education Group, focusing on training, co-teaching, and modeling effective implementation of the Mississippi College and Career Readiness Standards and the Mississippi Educator Professional Growth Domains and Standards. As a coach, she develops and executes through modeling and coaching Tier 1 research-based and data-driven strategies to ensure students grow and achieve on the Mississippi Academic Assessment Program (MAAP) for grades 3-10. She has a B.S. in Secondary Education from Mississippi State University and an M.Ed. from William Carey University. She coaches in districts spanning Mississippi.

Shawnese Davis

Shawnese Davis Herrington holds a doctorate degree from the University of Southern Mississippi. She has served in various instructional roles during her 8 years in public education. Her expertise lies in implementing successful teaching strategies and improving classroom instruction to promote critical thinking amongst diverse learners. Dr. Herrington’s ability to model student-centered lessons and improve students’ performance has afforded her opportunities to be recognized and to present at local, state, and regional conferences. Currently, she serves as an ELA Instructional Coach for Bailey Education Group supporting school leaders with building teachers’ instructional capacity, understanding how to make data driven decisions, and providing innovative ideas to increase student growth.

Candance Gates

Candance has twelve years of experience in the middle school, high school, and college classroom. She has a Bachelor of Science degree in English Education from Mississippi State University, a Masters of Education degree in Curriculum and Instruction from the University of Mississippi, Doctor of Philosophy degree in Secondary Education from the University of Mississippi. Dr. Gates is currently a Senior English Language Arts Teacher/ Data Coach and Cultural Diversity Specialist with Bailey Education Group focusing on effective implementation of the content standards and Mississippi Teacher Performance Standards, as well as training teachers on the research-based strategies including those close reading, high-order questioning, and student engagement. She coaches teachers across the state using student data to drive instruction to ensure increased student growth and achievement.

Eliza Reed

Eliza is a senior instructional coach for Bailey Education Group. Eliza has coached K4-2nd Grade Math and K-4-8th grade ELA since February of 2012. Special projects Mrs. Reed has worked on include developing Math and ELA standards-based pacing guides, units of instruction and end of year assessments for districts across the state of Mississippi for Pre-K thru 5th Grade. She has facilitated Professional Development Sessions and worked one on one coaching teachers in classrooms in Mississippi, Oklahoma and Alabama. Eliza’s priority continues to be focusing on effective implementation of the state standards while utilizing student data to drive instruction and ensure student growth and achievement.

Tracy Robinson

Tracy is a 27-year educator currently employed by the Hattiesburg Public School District. She has served as an elementary and middle school teacher, gifted education teacher, academic coach, and currently serves as the Literacy and Professional Development Specialist for the district. Ms. Robinson is a noted presenter for state and regional conferences building teacher capacity across grade levels and content areas in literacy development.



Cellie Scoggin

Cellie is a former elementary and middle school teacher. She served as an elementary principal prior to joining the Bailey Educational Group team in 2008 where she is currently Director of Educational Services.  Mrs. Scoggin coaches teachers and administrators in districts across Mississippi, Alabama, Kansas, Oklahoma, Michigan, and Missouri.



Tanisha Washington

Tanisha is a former elementary and middle school English Language Arts teacher with over 17 years of experience in various areas of education. She holds a Bachelor of Arts degree in Speech/Language Pathology and Elementary Education from the University of Southern Mississippi and a Masters of Arts degree in Elementary Education from William Carey University. Ms. Washington has served in the capacity of Academic Curriculum Coach, Interventionist, School Test Coordinator, LSC Chairperson, among other titles outside the scope of regular classroom educator. Ms. Washington currently serves as Head Coach, English Language Arts Specialist, and Data Specialist for Bailey Education Group, LLC. As Head Coach, Ms. Washington manages projects in school districts around the state of MS.