Let’s Observe Outcomes for Kids (LOOK)

Let’s Observe Outcomes for Kids (LOOK) is an outcome driven model that empowers schools and districts to make timely decisions using state assessment and accountability results.  Customized LOOK Notebooks and Kid Navigators organize data from the Mississippi Assessment Program and State Accountability Model into a precise and actionable ready to use format that will save you time, money and emotional energy. LOOK will inspire teachers, administrators and district level personnel to increase assessment literacy, gain a deeper understanding of student level outcomes and growth goals, and develop timely plans for school improvement. 

Key Features

Actionable Reporting: No need to spend countless hours to access, analyze, and interpret your state assessment and accountability results. LOOK reports include unique and easy to interpret graphs that enable you to begin planning immediately.

Proficiency and Growth Goals: Save time and increase the accuracy of student goal setting for ELA and Math. Kid Navigator accurately calculates achievement and growth goals for all your students in grades four and above in ELA and Math.

Outcome Driven: Spend time focused on what matters, outcomes for kids! LOOK Notebooks and Kid Navigators are organized so that you can focus on the current and projected outcomes for kids. Our Mississippi Accountability Model is outcome driven.

Accountability Check: Check for accountability errors in a timely manner. Use the Kid Navigator to ensure that student assessment results are accurate and reported for the correct grade, subject etc.