Creating a Priority Plan: Accessing, Analyzing, and Utilizing

Effective teachers are faithful to authentic student learning. Currently, our profession is fixated on results from a single test which is administered on one day near the end of the school year. This data can be useful to drive long-term goals for students; however, teachers must access immediate and valuable student data that will inform and influence not only what to teach but also how to teach.  Accessing, analyzing, and interpreting the student data is just the beginning of authentic teaching and student learning.  Utilizing the student data to guide priority plans and determine research based strategies is critical to merging student data and instructional data in the classroom.  In this hands-on session, participants will understand the “non-negotiables” required to utilize student data to drive authentic teaching and learning.

We Analyzed the Date, Now What?  Utilizing Student Data Considering the MDE MAP TEST Blue Print to Ensure Growth

Educators know that student data provides the transparency needed to inform teaching and learning in the classroom. This hands-on session will equip classroom teachers with the information needed to incorporate available data into goal setting, lesson planning, and instructional delivery aligned to state blue print for the state assessment.