Teacher Effectiveness

It is widely recognized that no factor under school control impacts student achievement and growth more than an effective teacher in the classroom. Bailey’s teacher coaches customize support through individualized professional growth plans. Coaches work with teachers to build capacity and improve student outcomes.

Coaching Focus:

Coaches work with teachers to build capacity and produce positive results with a focus on the Professional Growth Standards for Teachers and the goal performance areas below.

  • Curriculum Mapping and Alignment for College and Career-Ready Standards
  • Data Driven Decision Making to Customize Instruction
  • Lesson Planning, Preparing and Instructional Delivery
  • Student Engagement and Motivation
  • Content Engagement Practices
  • Formative and Summative Assessment
  • Higher Order Questioning and Problem Solving
  • Classroom Environment and Behavior Management
  • 21st Century Technology Integration in the Classroom
  • Extended Learning Time and Customized Learning for the Lowest 25% of Students

 Service Delivery:

Bailey’s coaches will support teachers by serving/working as a resource provider, assessment and data coach, and curriculum and instructional specialist. Service delivery includes onsite (job-embedded) and virtual training, coaching, modeling, co-teaching, consultation, and technical assistance. Bailey’s coaches will debrief with principal or designee and submit a detailed work report for the day.