Teacher Effectiveness

It is widely recognized that no factor under school control impacts student achievement and growth more than an effective teacher in the classroom.

Coaching Focus:
Bailey’s teacher coaches customize support for teachers through individualized professional growth plans. Coaches work with teachers to build capacity and produce positive results with a focus on the Mississippi Professional Growth Standards for Educators and areas of need.

  • Formative and Summative Assessment
  • Data Driven Decision Making and Differentiated Instruction
  • Pacing and Curriculum Alignment for College and Career-Ready Standards
  • Lesson Planning and Instructional Delivery
  • 21st Century Technology Integration in the Classroom
  • Reading and Writing Across Content Areas
  • ELA and Math Performance Tasks and Scoring Rubrics
  • Student Engagement and Motivation
  • Higher Order Questioning and Problem Solving
  • Extended Learning Time and Differentiated Learning for the Lowest 25% of Students
  • Classroom Environment and Behavior Management

Service Delivery: Bailey’s teacher coaches will support teaching and learning by serving/working as a classroom supporter, resource provider, assessment and data coach, and curriculum and instructional specialist. Service delivery will include training, coaching, modeling, co-teaching, consultation, and technical assistance. Coaches will debrief with principal or designee and submit a detailed work report for each day of coaching.