Special Education

Bailey Education will provide schools/districts support to meet the complex needs of students in the special education subgroup. Our focus is to help schools/districts close the achievement gap between students with disabilities and their non-disabled peers. We do this through helping schools/districts customize a plan, based on their unique student population and resources, to close their gap to goal targets for students with disabilities and increase outcomes for each student.

Coaching Focus:

Bailey’s special education teacher coaches will work with designated teachers and administrators through customized professional growth plans. Coaches will train, co-teach and model research-based strategies to build capacity and produce positive results.  

Focus areas may include, but will not be limited to:  

  • Review of service delivery model to ensure effective instructional practices can be delivered
  • Develop and implement a standard based IEP that is based on the unique needs, abilities and circumstances of each individual child
  • Establish gap to goal targets that are appropriately ambitious, challenging and reasonable based on the child’s disabilities
  • Improve student learning through appropriate accommodations, modifications and other supplementary aids
  • Ensure that students with disabilities have access to the general education curriculum through inclusive best practices
  • Implement high leverage, evidence based practices to improve student outcomes

Service Delivery: Bailey’s coaches will support teachers and administrators by serving/working as a building level mentor, resource provider, assessment and data coach, and curriculum and instructional specialist. Service delivery includes onsite (job-embedded) and virtual training, coaching, modeling, co-teaching, consultation, and technical assistance. Bailey’s coaches will debrief with principal or designee and submit a detailed work report for the day.