English Learner (EL) Services

Bailey Education Group will work with designated teachers, administrators, EL specialists and paraprofessionals to strengthen EL instruction, both in the regular classroom and through EL services. There will be a focus on evidence-based EL strategies. Teachers and administrators also will learn more about the LAS Links Proficiency Test and how to equip students for the test. District leadership will participate in a data walk and receive guidance on how to most effectively structure and support EL services at the district level and within schools. Support for EL students in the Multi-Tiered System of Supports or in special education also will be addressed, along with the unique needs of newcomer secondary English Learners.

Coaching Focus

Bailey’s EL coach will work with designated general education teachers, EL teachers, paraprofessionals, principals and assistant principals, interventionists, counselors, EL coordinators, and others who serve EL students and families to build capacity and produce positive results with a focus on the Educator Professional Growth Standards.  Focus areas will include, but are not limited to:

  • Instructional Management/Data Management, including LAS Links data
  • Instructional Strategies and Resources (for both EL and general classroom teachers/paraprofessionals)
  • Program Development
  • Parent and Family Engagement
  • Creating Equity
  • Cultural Proficiency
  • Student Engagement

Bailey’s EL coach will:

  • Provide prescriptive services that focus on strengthening curriculum, teaching, assessment and student learning. (This will include working with teachers to consistently create standards-based curriculum and instructional plans that include evidence-based EL strategies. To support sustainability, administrators will learn how to better evaluate lesson plans for effective EL strategies.)
  • Provide services to assist in the sustainability of instructional practices
  • Administrators will be provided with reports of consultants’ actions, observations and recommendations, and reports will be delivered in an electronic and cumulative format.

Service Delivery:

Bailey’s EL coach will support teaching and learning by serving/working as a classroom supporter, resource provider, assessment and data coach, and curriculum and instructional specialist. Service delivery will include training, coaching, modeling, co-teaching, consultation, and technical assistance. Coaches will debrief with principal or designee and submit a detailed work report for each day of coaching.