Customized Tutorial Services for Intense Instruction

Speak with a Bailey Education Group team member concerning customized tutorial services. These services provide opportunities for students to receive intense instruction aligned to the demands of the Mississippi Academic Assessment Program. Bailey’s instructional specialists guide principals in determining specific student groups that will have the greatest impact on the Mississippi Accountability Rating. These high-watermark students will receive quality instruction around the most heavily tested strands and domains, which will result in an increase in accountability.

Coaching Focus: Bailey Education Group will create customized tutorial groups for intense instruction based on the following:

  • Student Data Analysis: Identification of High-Watermark Students for Tutorial Groups
  • Instructional Data Analysis: Identification of Priority Standards for Intense Instruction Based on the MDE Questar Interpretive Guides
  • Expectations of On-Demand, Timed Reading and Writing: Utilization of Bailey Education Group Reading and Writing Endurance Plans Aligned to MDE-Questar Timing Expectations
  • Expectations of MS-CCR Mathematics Standards: Tutorial Services to provide performance level instruction aligned to the MS Performance Level Descriptors