Cultural Diversity

Increasing cultural understanding and addressing the achievement gap along ethnic and socioeconomic lines is paramount to increasing positive learning environments and increasing student achievement in our public schools. Developing educators’ knowledge of cultural diversity will provide a basis for educators to approach teaching and learning in a culturally responsive manner, holding high expectations for all.  Bailey Education Group is pleased to offer customized professional development and coaching to address this critical need.

Coaching Focus:

Our goal is to assure an equitable education for all students by providing teaching which is responsive to the needs of each student in a learning environment that is inclusive, welcoming, and respectful of a diverse student and teacher population.

School-wide Goals:

  • Strengthen knowledge of culture and its predominant force in organizational practices and individuals’ behaviors in schools
  • Increase cultural awareness of self and others
  • Uncover unconscious bias that impact attitudes and actions toward members of cultures different from one’s own
  • Use data to determine cultural issues in schools
  • Create a culture of high expectations with appropriate support for all students
  • Improve student attendance and decrease office referrals
  • Increase student engagement and self-motivation
  • Improve academic outcomes

 Scope of Services:

Series of professional development sessions for administrators and teachers on topics such as

  • Building Awareness of Culture as a Force in Schools
  • Developing a Shared Vision for Creating a Culturally Responsive School Environment
  • Developing a Shared Vision for Support of Culturally Responsive Instruction for all Students
  • Addressing Equitable Access and the Achievement Gap
  • Instructional Practices and Strategies for Culturally Responsive Teaching

Job-embedded support days will include working with administrators and teachers in the school/classroom setting as they address barriers and supporting implementation of culturally responsive climate and teaching.   Our work prepares teachers and administrators to meet the requirements of the Domains and Standards that address diversity in the Educator and Administrator Professional Growth System.  Services are personalized to meet the professional needs of each district and school.

Bailey’s coaches will support teachers by serving/working as a resource provider, assessment and data coach, and curriculum and instructional specialist. Service delivery includes onsite (job-embedded) and virtual training, coaching, modeling, co-teaching, consultation, and technical assistance. Bailey’s coaches will debrief with principal or designee and submit a detailed work report for the day.