Cultural Diversity

Closing cultural gaps and addressing the achievement gap along racial and socioeconomic lines is paramount to increasing achievement and growth in our public schools. Bailey Education Group is pleased to offer customized professional development and coaching to address this critical need.  Our services are personalized to meet the professional needs of each unique district and school while offering collaboration through our network of specialized knowledge.

Goal Statement: Our goal is to create a learning environment that is inclusive and respectful of all diverse learners while providing an equitable education for all students.

Scope of Services:

  • Target Demographics: Identify students of greatest need/potential impact
  • Understand the root causes of problem behaviors
  • Identify and target students’ potential stressors, triggers, and gaps in self-regulation
  • Understand the unconscious bias of teachers due to the lack of information concerning various cultural groups
  • Boost student engagement, excitement and motivation
  • Promote self-advocacy through a “growth” mindset (one’s attitude, effort and strategy as opposed to luck, status, or genetics)
  • Teach general organization skills (learning strategies/study skills) designed for minority group students
  • Employ specific, unique instructional practices focused on targeted demographic groups

Curricular Goals:

  • To increase self-efficacy and confidence in students’ general learning orientation
  • To improve critical thinking, reasoning skills, problem solving, and the application of theory into practice
  • To increase cultural awareness of self and others
  • To improve academic outcomes
  • To foster a learning environment in which students feel safe, welcomed, acknowledged, and respected as inquisitive learners