Special Education

Directors of Special Education are central to improving the education experience for children with disabilities. In keeping with the Individuals with Disabilities Education Act and state law, they work to provide effective educational programs to students with disabilities, ages 3-20, who need special education and related services.

Coaching Focus: Bailey’s Special Education specialist will work with teachers to:

  • Strengthen knowledge of the essential components of an Individual Education Plan.
  • Refine their skills in constructing defensible present levels of performance statements utilizing CBM and the ATR for information gathering.
  • Re-visit accommodations vs. modifications and other supplementary aids and services to include on IEP documents.
  • Investigate what components constitute a measurable annual goal statement and when to include goal sheets for related services.
  • Determine what the state department defines as a related service including frequency and duration.
  • Determine LRE for students and accessing the general education curriculum.
  • Establish what constitutes how a student will be assessed.
  • Learn how to write a strong, defensible transition page that is realistic for the student.
  • Explore the legal pitfalls of writing IEP documents and how to avoid them!

Service Delivery:
 Training, coaching, modeling, and consultation.