Onsite Modeling & Coaching


Teacher Effectiveness

It is widely recognized that no factor under school control impacts student achievement and growth more than an effective teacher in the classroom. Click here for more information

Assessment and Data

Educators know that student data provides the transparency needed to inform teaching and learning in the classroom. Data driven decision making is critical to improving teaching and learning through goal setting, differentiated instruction, program evaluation, and school improvement. Click here for more information

Customized Tutorial Services for Intense Instruction

Speak with a Bailey Education Group team member concerning customized tutorial services. These services provide opportunities for students to receive intense instruction aligned to the demands of the Mississippi Academic Assessment Program. Click here for more information

Leadership Development

Quality educational leadership is important to the overall success of an individual school or school system. Strong Principals are critical to high-performing schools as they help to champion school reforms, and serve as motivators to teachers and students. Equally important is the development of Assistant Principals, or next generation leaders, who need to be prepared to step into critical leadership roles in schools when called upon. Click here for more information

Federal Programs

Federal Program Directors are critical to implementing a new structure designed to improve support for their school district’s education initiatives. The focus of this new structure is to provide a common link with the capability of looking across all of the programs to support the district in meeting their goals. Click here for more information

Special Education

In keeping with the Individuals with Disabilities Education Act (IDEA) and state law, Directors of Special Education work with school administrators and special education teachers to provide effective educational programs for students with disabilities, ages 3-20, who need special education and related services. In addition to providing effective programs and services, Directors of Special Education are also responsible for a variety of administrative requirements, including Child Find, Eligibility, Data Management and Reporting, Fiscal Management, Policies and Procedures, as well as Compliance and Accountability. Click here for more information

Response to Intervention (RtI)

Effective Implementation of the Response to Intervention (RtI) process is critical to identifying and supporting struggling learners. This multi-tier approach will accelerate their rate of learning. Click here for more information 

English Learner (EL) Services

The EL population has grown dramatically, presenting new challenges and opportunities for educators. Now, as a result of requirements of the Every Student Succeeds Act, educators will be held responsible for moving EL students to English proficiency within five years of entering school. Click here for more information

Cultural Diversity

Closing cultural gaps and addressing the achievement gap along racial and socioeconomic lines is paramount to increasing achievement and growth in our public schools. Bailey Education Group is pleased to offer customized professional development and coaching to address this critical need.  Click here for more information