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Bailey Education Group, LLC is committed to partnering with all schools and districts to improve people, practices and learning by providing customized training and services. Leading the way in  integrated and continuous learning, our company offers a unique  blend of onsite, online, and print resources  that are now the trademark of our company's success.

Our Integrated and Continuous Learning Model is built on a unique blend of onsite, online, and print resources that are made possible through our partnership with The Master Teacher. Our strategic relationship with Educational Leadership Solutions (ELS), Educational Material Specialists (EMS),  and Northwest Evaluation Association (NWEA) empowers us to offer customized solutions to our school partners.

Master Teacher whiteboard video

Click here to watch a whiteboard video detailing The Master Teacher PD Program

Welcome back...  / 1/27/2015 / We are pleased to announce the return of Mrs. Margaret Buse to our Bailey Education Team. Margaret will be leading our Leadership and Data coaching efforts as a head coach and senior level consultant. She is committed to improving people, practices, and learning... More